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When you go I’ll know
The sun is set and the lights are low
I know you’ve done the best you know
Lots of paws and toes
A cut a splice a word before you go

I know you know without you none
I know you know we’re hand and glove
I know you know you’re still the one
I know you’d give the earth and sun

It was bound to be a time we knew
Morning sun car drives at night
Summer’s fun like winter’s rain
Leads us round to spring again
Throwing balls at lonely walls
Bed’s still lying at the door
A cut a splice and two is one

I know you loved the fruit and seed
I know it must be you and me
I know your love’s like dogs and bones
I’ll throw what’s left into a home

There’s sure to be time to pass
I’ll be walking paths and grass
Yet if you ask

I know you know without you one
I know you know we’re hand and glove
I know you know you’re still the one
I know you know but still you’re gone
You knew I’d know that’s how I knew
We just loved all about being two
Being two yeah just me and you


Track: I Know You Know
Album: Space Time Change
Lyrics & Music: ©2022 Reverend Genes

Reverend Genes, Newcastle, Australia

Reverend Genes, Newcastle Australia

I Know You Know uses a mix of licensed video content including Aotearoa Now by Ryan Fielding, Somewhere Down Under by Pamela Barrios, and This Is It by Alex Braverman, all used under CC BY 3.0. Through Months and Mystery by Lucy Devcich, and In Dreams by Chris Forster are used under CC BY-SA 3.0 with much thanks.

The video for I Know You Know is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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