When you leave your home
You leave your life
Set your sails fast and bright

When you’re lost at sea
You sure mean a lot to me
Don’t slip beneath the waves
Turn and swim today

When you’re washed upon the sand
You’re worn until you stand
Rise up you are alone
Set your sails storms will blow

Fine are the times when we’re alone
Outside is far from home
We harbour our small town

Light the fire for the flame
We’re cold when we say
It doesn’t have to be this way

Don’t sink beneath the waves
Breathe until the day

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Track: Sails
Album: Reverend Genes
Lyrics: Reverend Genes

Reverend Genes, Surry Hills, Australia

Cliff White, Surry Hills, Australia

Paris McCleod, Wyong, Australia

Shaun Cullerton & Brad Elzinga

Colin Abrahams, WoyWoy Bay, Australia

Bendy, Nicko, Mandy, friends & Newy

All songs & arrangements
©Reverend Genes

Tracks 3, 6, 8 & 10 lyrics by Nicko
Track 1 lyrics by Jack Marx
Track 5 lyrics anon translation